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In 1985, MOD was originally established to compete in the field of rig moves, specifically on close tolerance jack up projects. The business was set up by an already experienced team who saw an industry dominated by big players and a need for a smaller specialist operation.

The team quickly developed reliable processes and procedures for accurately positioning assets all over Europe. Since then, our expertise has expanded, and the company now constantly develop and innovate a range of systems and software to advance the rig positioning sector. These systems and software are built by industry for industry and can be totally customised to meet client requirements.

Although operations have evolved, our passion is the same and that is to offer the best possible rig positioning service. With a focus on individual scopes, a tailored support service ensures specific requirements and attention to detail is always achieved.

What sets us apart is experience and care. MOD has built a robust track record and unrivalled project portfolio supporting not just major players but smaller Operators too. We have never put a rig in the wrong position and this continuity of service excellence and approach.

We are confidently, Europe’s leading rig positioning experts

Proven track record

Rig moving goals

dedicated team