MOD’s long-standing experts are focused on developing advanced systems and software to make rig positioning simple for our customers.


Across the years MOD have developed a comprehensive suite of proprietary software designed with the primary function of rig positioning. These were initially developed by ILEX Computing but have latterly been brought in-house.  The latest version of the operating suite of software, MODINS, meets all latest specifications and includes, comprehensive inbuilt DGPS QA processes, wi-fi connection to AHVs plus AIS compatibility and is compatible with all common GIS systems. These programs are supplemented by other more specialised well-proven software to accomplish specific project tasks


Dimensional control is used by MOD in a number of ways, primarily on the rig during rig positioning to ascertain accurate offset information vital to the operation. MOD also have the capabilities to carry out dimensional control style surveys on platforms or on land in support of these operations.


MOD carries out Platform Airgap Surveys by use of modern GPS data capture in conjunction with more traditional land survey methods, such as traverse and levelling.


MOD own and operate a number of TSS Meridian survey class mechanical gyrocompasses and also fibre-optic gyrocompasses such as Ixsea Octans and Quadrans which in addition to providing heading are also capable of providing rig inclination. Actual rig heading is determined by terrestrial or solar observations and any calculated corrections applied in the positioning software. Rig inclination is calculated using traditional land survey and dimensional control techniques and any necessary corrections applied.


MOD owns and uses sonar equipment made by Sonavision Ltd. This sonar equipment helps us during rig move operations as we use it to find any obstacles or debris that may be in the way of emergency jacking locations. It can also be used to scan areas where a recent survey has not been conducted or where the previous survey is no longer accurate. MOD have designed and developed systems for the attachment of the sonar to rig leg.


Through the years, and with the gained experience of the offshore industry, MOD have developed systems such as deck monitors and tug management systems and purchased systems such as AIS receivers to make the rig positioning operation more streamlined.

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